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USBs still a top corporate gift

Technology changes quickly and trends come and go. Over the past few years we have seen a multitude of ‘brandable’ gizmos and tech items join the line-up of corporate gifts and promotional items on offer. Power banks, Bluetooth speakers and smart phone accessories have all become very popular as branded gifts.

But the big daddy seems to remain the USB flash drive / memory stick.

USBs continue to be a big selling corporate gift items in South Africa, with larger memory units becoming more affordable of late.

Perfect as a giveaway at a conference or trade show, what gives branded USBs their appeal is their usefulness along with the convenience of being able to pre-load your companies’ catalogue, spec sheets, company profile or any other data required, saving space and printing costs.

And with the advancements in brand techniques and printing, it’s also possible to have a full colour direct print on both sides of a credit card style USB, making a brand message possible with imagery.

Long live the branded USB that’s stood the test of techno time!