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6 reasons you still need business cards

It’s a digital world and everyone from your granny to your gardener seems to have a digital devise in their hands. So isn’t the old-school printed card outdated and irrelevant. Actually, my dear Watson, not quite.
Here are 6 good reasons you still need to print those business cards and hand them out.

Here are 6 good reasons you still need to print those business cards and hand them out.

1 – Networking 101

While a lot of business networking is done online these days, face to face networking remains a tried and trusted method for building business relationships and finding opportunities that ultimately increase sales. Business cards play a key role at these functions.

2- Easy & Convenient

Pulling out a card and handing it over is quicker and easier than asking someone to spell out their email address while you fumble with your phone, not to mention it’s actually more professional.

3- Not everyone owns a smartphone

What?! I know, right. The reality is that there are still plenty of people who either don’t own a smartphone or just prefer to use a phone for what it was made for, phoning.

4- It’s big in Japan

In many countries the ritual of business card exchange is central to establishing business relationships. If you don’t have a card you don’t have a chance. In Japan for example, the quality of your business card speaks volumes about how you intend to conduct yourself and business. If it’s big in Japan…

5- Seems Legit

It’s about first impressions. Besides showing that you are prepared, having a good looking business card is a way to show people that you are running a legitimate business and that you can be trusted. If your business is not well known or has not been around all that long then you can gain trust with a professional brand identity.

6- It’s personal

Call me old fashioned, but I do believe that people are visual and tactile. In an ever increasing digital world, it’s refreshing to receive something real. There’s something meaningful and somewhat personal in the exchange of printed cards a bit like reading a paperback novel over a kindle. I like the smell of a good book!

So there you have it- my top 6 reasons to keep those cards rolling.
Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should just print the cheapest cards you can as long as your name and cell number appears. Get creative. Be unique.

Produce something classic & beautiful so you stand out and you will be remembered.